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Luxury, YES, but authentic !

The word « luxury » should not be interpreted systematically in the sense of « expensive ». To offer oneself a moment of pure silence is a real luxury nowadays and it is within everyone’s reach. Sharing moments of complicity with one’s children, parents or friends is also a luxury. Luxury is not Bling-Bling, it is – again – emotional above all. This is why our destinations, our goods, our activities and our articles emphasise this fundamental definition of luxury, free of all financial connotations.

Nevertheless, in order to meet a certain level of demand from our customers, it is important for us to target our offers. While keeping the emotional spirit, we pay attention to the « details » that count to ensure your complete satisfaction: the view, the size of the rooms, the equipment or even the concierge services are all themes that help to embellish the experience.

A successful and unforgettable experience is the goal! Authenticity will help make these experiences more intense, closer to you and more real. Our challenge is to offer you choices that will totally disorientate you – even amaze you – and choices in which you will inevitably find a little bit of your everyday life.

Refinement, elegance, discretion, refined yet warm atmospheres are the signature of our purchase, rental and activity offers. Finally, let us not forget the conviviality and the feeling of inner peace, at a time when the international context is more than worrying and tense. Our destinations and our experiences are there to offer you a break from life and to recharge your batteries. Recharging your internal batteries, stimulating your energy, calming your mind, these are our wishes. We do not claim to bring you the unusual, besides what does this word mean today, so much it is used in all the sauces? We wish more modestly, but with enthusiasm and sincerity, to bring you much more intensity, truth, pure and intense emotions, simple and perfect at the same time.

This is our notion of Luxury at Album, closely linked to real estate, as it is our core business, but also extended to the immersive experience once on site. To do this, we highlight a territory in its entirety, not just a property. Just as a good wine accompanies a well-cooked dish, a territory is inseparable from a property…

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