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Luxury, YES, but authentic !

The word « luxury » should not be interpreted systematically in the sense of « expensive ». To offer oneself a moment of pure silence is a real luxury nowadays and it is within everyone’s reach. Sharing moments of complicity with one’s children, parents or friends is also a luxury. Luxury is not Bling-Bling, it is – again – emotional above all. This is why our destinations, our goods, our activities and our articles […]

Real estate should be a nest of emotions !

Buying or renting, real estate reveals a lasting or ephemeral intention. It may be a long-term life project or a sudden desire to escape and enjoy the sensations to be taken at face value. NO! Real estate is not just about surface areas, location, number of rooms, Carrez law and insulation. For us, it is essentially a matter of atmosphere, ambiance, waves and emotions. Secretly, we are all the same […]

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