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Real estate should be a nest of emotions !

Buying or renting, real estate reveals a lasting or ephemeral intention. It may be a long-term life project or a sudden desire to escape and enjoy the sensations to be taken at face value. NO! Real estate is not just about surface areas, location, number of rooms, Carrez law and insulation. For us, it is essentially a matter of atmosphere, ambiance, waves and emotions. Secretly, we are all the same and are looking for something beyond the concrete, the mundane. Our real quest, whether we admit it or not, is to get a physical – almost sensual and spiritual – connection with a property. Without this sensory connection, there is no emotion ! The largest chalets or the wildest luxury villas cannot make up for an absence of emotion, that cannot be explained, but can be felt and may even become the main criteria.

Furthermore, location is not just a matter of altitude, panorama, or slight or total isolation. It is pleasant to have a heritage of historical, architectural, unusual or gastronomic interest around you. A range of outdoor activities can radically embellish a stay, a holiday or a daily routine. Buying or renting therefore implies finding a strategic location capable of satisfying both our cultural requirements and our expectations in terms of entertainment. This obviously requires a great deal of investigation and patience in order to find the rare pearl. ALBUM is your contact and your privileged Sherlock.

At ALBUM, we have come to appreciate the importance of all those sensitivities, both acute and subtle, that only inspiring places can provide. So we felt it was important to share with you this other vision of real estate, whether it is sustainable or temporary. This is why we are also committed to building strong partnerships with our real estate colleagues who specialise in identifying exceptional properties.

We love our Alpine region, French riviera and are proud to be their humble ambassadors. Our desire to offer properties for rent – which are both attractive and representative of the identity of our beautiful region – is perfectly consistent with our professional approach. We are not sellers or renters of properties. We are sellers of stories, meaning and well-being. Our philosophy of real estate, holiday stays and company seminars is based on a condition that seems obvious to us: well-being at home begins with well-being within!

Welcome to Album Properties, the agency specialised in sourcing exceptional properties…

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